• [J&CO]Sugaring Collar

    Price 2,200KRW

    [J&CO]Sugaring Collar

  • [J&CO] Spatula Holder

    Price 24,200KRW

    [J&CO] Spatula Holder

  • Disposable Skirt Black

    Price 17,050KRW

    Disposable Skirt Black

    Hygienic Waxing Subsidiary

  • Disposable pants

    Price 9,900KRW

    Disposable pants

    Hygienic Waxing Subsidiary

  • Disposable briefs

    Price 3,520KRW

    Disposable briefs

    Hygienic Waxing Subsidiary

  • Nose Hair Removal Wand

    Price 20,000KRW

    Nose Hair Removal Wand

    Black / White

  • [J&CO] Big Banner - 2types

    Price 50,000KRW

    [J&CO] Big Banner - 2types

    60 x 180 cm

  • [J&CO] Mini Banner - 3types

    Price 10,000KRW

    [J&CO] Mini Banner - 3types

    15 x 30 cm

  • [J&CO] Uniform

    Price 70,000KRW

    [J&CO] Uniform

  • [J&CO] Waxing Bag


    [J&CO] Waxing Bag

  • [J&CO] Wax Cleaner

    Price 25,000KRW

    [J&CO] Wax Cleaner


  • Roial Strips Roll

    Price 27,500KRW

    Roial Strips Roll

  • Roial Strips - 50ea

    Price 7,700KRW

    Roial Strips - 50ea

  • Roial Strips - 100ea

    Price 7,700KRW

    Roial Strips - 100ea

  • Waxing Bag

    Price 83,600KRW

    Waxing Bag

    Bag for packing waxing products

  • [Better] Waxing Apron

    Price -KRW

    [Better] Waxing Apron

    Apron for waxing treatment

  • Small Sterilizer

    Price -KRW

    Small Sterilizer

    Small sterilizer for disinfection of beauty equipment

  • [Better] Eyezone Pack

    Price 38,500KRW

    [Better] Eyezone Pack

    Hot Pack & Cool Pack

  • [Better] Disposable Wooden Waxing Spatulas

    Price 5,500~KRW

    [Better] Disposable Wooden Waxing Spatulas

    Used for wax application
    XS / S / L

  • Sponge

    Price 600KRW


    Waxing Subsidia
    For cleaning

  • Wax Disposable Bottle


    Wax Disposable Bottle

    8oz / 12oz

  • Disposable paper


    Disposable paper

    Waxing Subsidia
    Covering the bed during waxing treatment

  • Waxing Cotton

    Price 3,300KRW

    Waxing Cotton

    Waxing Subsidia
    Use for pre / post treatment

  • Disposable comb

    Price 600KRW

    Disposable comb

    Combing brush for pre-waxing

  • Waxing Scissors

    Price 33,000KRW

    Waxing Scissors

    For cutting

  • Tweezers

    Price 33,000KRW


    For plucking hair

  • Brazilian sticker

    Price 7,700KRW

    Brazilian sticker

    Used for Brazilian design

  • [Better] Waxing Strips

    Price 5,500KRW

    [Better] Waxing Strips

    For soft wax treatment

  • [Better] Disposable briefs

    Price 3,600KRW

    [Better] Disposable briefs

    Hygienic Waxing Subsidiary

  • [Better] Disposable pants

    Price 5,700KRW

    [Better] Disposable pants

    Hygienic Waxing Subsidiary

  • [Better] Disposable skirt

    Price 5,500KRW

    [Better] Disposable skirt

    Hygienic Waxing Subsidiary

  • [Better] Disposable long skirt

    Price 17,100KRW

    [Better] Disposable long skirt

    Hygienic Waxing Subsidiary

  • [Better] Gauze

    Price 16,500KRW

    [Better] Gauze

    Use before apply the pack

  • Rubber bowl & spatula

    Price 3,100KRW

    Rubber bowl & spatula

    For mixing Modeling Pack

  • Hair band

    Price 5,750KRW

    Hair band

    Use before waxing

  • Pink collar

    Price 5,500KRW

    Pink collar

    Plastic protective collar for warmer

  • [Better] Warmer Can Collar

    Price 2,200KRW

    [Better] Warmer Can Collar

    Protective collar paper for warmer

  • [Better] Wax equipment cleaner & wipes

    Price 34,000KRW

    [Better] Wax equipment cleaner & wipes

    Wax equipment cleaner









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