• Embo Pen Holder

    Price 10,000KRW

    Embo Pen Holder

  • Mannequin Head (high-class)

    Price 19,800KRW

    Mannequin Head (high-class)

  • Needle trash

    Price 5,500KRW

    Needle trash

  • Magnifying glass

    Price 33,000KRW

    Magnifying glass

  • [JESSI] Line Mark Ruler

    Price 27,500KRW

    [JESSI] Line Mark Ruler

  • [JESSI] Pigment cup Holder Al


    [JESSI] Pigment cup Holder Al

  • ECO Real Skin SET

    Price 55,000KRW

    ECO Real Skin SET


  • JESSI Design Sticker Eyebrow


    JESSI Design Sticker Eyebrow

    Straight shape Female / Arch shape Female / Straight shape Male

  • Sanitary plate

    Price 6,600KRW

    Sanitary plate

    Silver / Gold / Rainbow

  • Needle Storage box

    Price 4,400KRW

    Needle Storage box

  • [JESSI] Carrier Bag


    [JESSI] Carrier Bag

  • Ice Roller

    Price 8,800KRW

    Ice Roller

  • [JESSI] Silicon Ring Container

    Price 16,500KRW

    [JESSI] Silicon Ring Container


  • Ring Container (Single) Cap type

    Price 6,600KRW

    Ring Container (Single) Cap type


  • Powder Free - Premium

    Price 14,300KRW

    Powder Free - Premium

    Black / Blue

  • Powder Free - Normal

    Price 11,000KRW

    Powder Free - Normal

    Black / Blue

  • Price 5,500KRW


  • 3D Practice sheet 4types

    Price 3,300~KRW

    3D Practice sheet 4types

  • [TONDAUS] Marker Pen Remover

    Price 6,600KRW

    [TONDAUS] Marker Pen Remover


  • Pigment Pallet set (EMBO)

    Price 3,850KRW

    Pigment Pallet set (EMBO)

  • Pigment Pallet set

    Price 3,850KRW

    Pigment Pallet set

  • Mannequin backhead

    Price 27,500KRW

    Mannequin backhead

  • Eyebrow Design Tape

    Price 25,000KRW

    Eyebrow Design Tape

    6type - 10m

  • MS Practice sheet 7 types

    Price 11,000KRW

    MS Practice sheet 7 types

  • Silicon Ring Container (Single)

    Price 16,500KRW

    Silicon Ring Container (Single)

  • [Jessi] Brush - Yellow

    Price 3,850KRW

    [Jessi] Brush - Yellow


  • [JESSI] Paper Practice sheet (Both sides)

    Price 13,200KRW

    [JESSI] Paper Practice sheet (Both sides)


  • [Jessi] Drawing Pencil 5types

    Price 5,500KRW

    [Jessi] Drawing Pencil 5types

    Black / Light Brown /
    Red / White / Brown

  • Pillow 2 types

    Price 55,000KRW

    Pillow 2 types

  • [JESSI] Quick Color

    Price 13,200KRW

    [JESSI] Quick Color


  • Cell Line Eraser


    Cell Line Eraser

    Liquid / Gel

  • [Jessi]Eyebrow Design Tape

    Price 22,000KRW

    [Jessi]Eyebrow Design Tape

    Korean Male Eyebrow / Korean Female Eyebrow

  • Pigment cup Holder Foot-shaped

    Price 3,300KRW

    Pigment cup Holder Foot-shaped

  • Jessi color off (Gel)

    Price 16,500KRW

    Jessi color off (Gel)

  • Marker Pen Remover

    Price 5,500KRW

    Marker Pen Remover

  • [ Cell-Line ] Clean Water

    Price 7,700KRW

    [ Cell-Line ] Clean Water


  • [Jessi] Design Pen 3 colors

    Price 3,850KRW

    [Jessi] Design Pen 3 colors

    Black / Khaki Brown / Dark Brown

  • [Jessi] Needle Chart

    [Jessi] Needle Chart

  • Jessi Disposable Tray

    零售价 13,200KRW

    Jessi Disposable Tray

  • [JESSI] actual image Practice sheet 7types

    Price 5,500KRW

    [JESSI] actual image Practice sheet 7types

  • [Cell-Line] Color Cleansing(pumping)

    Price 11,000KRW

    [Cell-Line] Color Cleansing(pumping)


  • [Jessi] Practice sheet Eyebrow

    Price 3,300KRW

    [Jessi] Practice sheet Eyebrow

  • [Jessi Silicon] Pigment cup Holder Foot-shaped

    Price 3,300KRW

    [Jessi Silicon] Pigment cup Holder Foot-shaped

  • [JESSI ] AIr Black

    Price 6,600KRW

    [JESSI ] AIr Black


  • [Jessi] Clean&Defence

    Price 8,800KRW

    [Jessi] Clean&Defence


  • [Jessi] Cord Cover

    Price 11,000KRW

    [Jessi] Cord Cover

  • JESSI Color Cleansing

    Price 12,100KRW

    JESSI Color Cleansing


  • [Jessi] Color Booster

    Price 16,500KRW

    [Jessi] Color Booster


  • [JESSI] Micro black Brush

    Price 5,500KRW

    [JESSI] Micro black Brush


  • [Jessi] Design Sticker Eyebrow

    Price 13,200KRW

    [Jessi] Design Sticker Eyebrow


  • [Jessi] Practice sheet A4

    Price 3,300KRW

    [Jessi] Practice sheet A4

  • Pigment Display

    Price 38,500KRW

    Pigment Display

  • Needle Display

    Price 38,500KRW

    Needle Display

  • [Cell Line] Mask Black[50pcs]

    Price 6,600KRW

    [Cell Line] Mask Black[50pcs]


  • Black Practice sheet - 5Type

    Price 3,300KRW

    Black Practice sheet - 5Type

  • Design Calipers

    Price 2,750KRW

    Design Calipers

  • Practice Silicon sheet (Line)

    Price 5,500KRW

    Practice Silicon sheet (Line)

  • Practice sheet (Line)

    Price 5,500KRW

    Practice sheet (Line)

  • [Cell-Line] Color Booster

    Price 16,500KRW

    [Cell-Line] Color Booster


  • Toothpick Cotton HF

    Price 1,100KRW

    Toothpick Cotton HF

  • [MARVY] Marker Pen - 3type

    Price 7,700KRW

    [MARVY] Marker Pen - 3type

    Black / Red / Blue

  • Design Pen (For Eyebrow) - 5color

    Price 2,750KRW

    Design Pen (For Eyebrow) - 5color

    Black / Gray / Brown /
    Light Brown / Natural Brown

  • Pigment cup Silicon (Big)

    Price 27,500KRW

    Pigment cup Silicon (Big)


  • Pigment cup Silicon (Small)

    Price 22,000KRW

    Pigment cup Silicon (Small)


  • Mannequin Head (HF)

    Price 13,200KRW

    Mannequin Head (HF)

  • Separate Ring Container (Liquid)

    Price 5,500KRW

    Separate Ring Container (Liquid)


  • Separate Ring Container (Embo)

    Price 5,000KRW

    Separate Ring Container (Embo)


  • Pigment cup Holder (Oval Silicon)

    Price 3,300KRW

    Pigment cup Holder (Oval Silicon)

    Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Purple

  • New Ring Container (Single)

    Price 3,300~KRW

    New Ring Container (Single)

    Ring type

  • Eyelash Brush

    Price 3,850KRW

    Eyelash Brush

  • Mannequin Eyebrow Design Band

    Price 2,750KRW

    Mannequin Eyebrow Design Band

    [ For SMPU ]
    It is a semi-permanent supplementary material and is used for pre-treatment exercises

  • Eyelash Mini Swab

    Price 3,850KRW

    Eyelash Mini Swab


  • [Lash and Brows] Paper Practice Board

    Price 13,200KRW

    [Lash and Brows] Paper Practice Board


  • [Lashes and Brows] Mirror

    Price 5,500KRW

    [Lashes and Brows] Mirror

  • [J&CO] Mirror

    Price 5,500KRW

    [J&CO] Mirror

  • Eyebrow Balance Ruler - 5types

    Price 11,000KRW

    Eyebrow Balance Ruler - 5types

    It is used for eyebrow design to get more accurate and correct shape.

  • U Curve Microblading Eyebrow Ruler

    Price 1,210KRW

    U Curve Microblading Eyebrow Ruler

  • [Lashes and Brows] Design Sticker

    Price 33,000KRW

    [Lashes and Brows] Design Sticker

  • [Cell Line PRO] Carbon Remover Cream

    Price 22,000KRW

    [Cell Line PRO] Carbon Remover Cream


  • Eco Real Skin - 2types

    Price 6,600~KRW

    Eco Real Skin - 2types

    1mm / 2.5mm (white)

  • Practice Silicone Sheet

    Price 7,700KRW

    Practice Silicone Sheet

  • Phantom Black Gloves

    Price 13,200KRW

    Phantom Black Gloves


  • semi-permanent&eyelashes portable bag

    Price 20,350KRW

    semi-permanent&eyelashes portable bag

  • Hair Extension Artificial Hair - 5color

    Price 44,000KRW

    Hair Extension Artificial Hair - 5color

    Black / Dark Brown / Natural Brown /
    Brown / Light Brown

  • Design Sticker - 5types

    Price 27,500KRW

    Design Sticker - 5types

  • Pigment-cup Holder

    Price 3,300KRW

    Pigment-cup Holder

  • [J&CO] Hard Case Bag

    Price 30,000KRW

    [J&CO] Hard Case Bag

  • Semi-Permanent Make-up Bag

    Price 44,000KRW

    Semi-Permanent Make-up Bag

  • Semi-permanent Multi Bag

    Price 40,000KRW

    Semi-permanent Multi Bag

  • Ruler Stencil

    Price 33,000KRW

    Ruler Stencil

    For Design
    Can accurately draw on various face types

  • [Cell Line] Moisturizing Peeling Gel

    Price 5,500KRW

    [Cell Line] Moisturizing Peeling Gel

    Pre treatment for semi permanent makeup treatment

  • Practice Rubber Sheet - Translucent

    Price 4,950KRW

    Practice Rubber Sheet - Translucent

  • Pigment Cup

    Price 1,700~KRW

    Pigment Cup

    S / L

  • Cotton

    Price 6,000KRW


    It is used to remove nail art or semi-permanent , and also to wipe off pigment

  • [P&B] Pre-treatment - 3 types

    Price 7,700~KRW

    [P&B] Pre-treatment - 3 types

    It can be used for laser, semi-permanent makeup, waxing, MTS
    Liquid / Gel / Refill

  • Portable Pigment cup Holder

    Price 6,600KRW

    Portable Pigment cup Holder

  • Pigment Cup Holder - 3 types

    Price 3,850~KRW

    Pigment Cup Holder - 3 types

    6 / 9 / 15

  • Practice Rubber Sheet (Yellow)

    Price 1,700KRW

    Practice Rubber Sheet (Yellow)

  • Ring Container - 2 types

    Price 3,300~KRW

    Ring Container - 2 types

    Ring type
    Single / Dual

  • Oval Silicon Pigment Cup Holder

    Price 3,300KRW

    Oval Silicon Pigment Cup Holder

  • Cover Wrap

    Price 2,200KRW

    Cover Wrap

  • Ice Pack Blue Eye

    Price 3,850KRW

    Ice Pack Blue Eye

  • Ice Pack Face Mask

    Price 7,700KRW

    Ice Pack Face Mask

  • Ice Pack Opaque

    Price 4,700KRW

    Ice Pack Opaque

  • Marker Pen (Single)

    Price 3,850KRW

    Marker Pen (Single)

  • Mouthpiece

    Price 3,300KRW


  • [HappiDen] Powder Free Gloves

    Price 6,900KRW

    [HappiDen] Powder Free Gloves

    1box * 100ea

  • Eyebrow Make-up curved ruler

    Price 3,850KRW

    Eyebrow Make-up curved ruler

  • Semi-circle plate (Medium)

    Price 3,300KRW

    Semi-circle plate (Medium)

  • Bucket (8cm)

    Price 5,500KRW

    Bucket (8cm)









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